Disney Prohibits Employees from Texting While Driving


Disney has announced a new policy regarding employees who drive on the job. The company has recently banned texting while driving on the job, imposing harsh penalties for employees who fail to comply with the policy. In some cases, violators may face termination for their actions.

Additionally, employees must now wear an earpiece when talking on the phone while driving. These rules apply to all Disney employees across the country, whether they are driving company vehicles or using their own personal vehicles. Furthermore, the texting ban is in effect even when employees are driving off Disney property.

Since the state of Florida has not banned texting while driving, the new Disney policy has ruffled the feathers of several employees who feel it is unfair for a work policy to contradict state driving laws.

However, Disney insists that this policy is about improving safety. “Safety is a cornerstone of our company and at the heart of everything we do. We continuously look for ways to enhance safety across our company and across our parks and resorts for guests and cast. Encouraging safe driving practices is simply the right thing to do,” said Disney spokesperson Bryan Malenius.

Disney’s policy change is indicative of a growing trend across the country to crack down on distracted driving, particularly related to cell phone use. Several studies have provided compelling evidence that texting while driving greatly increases the risk of a car accident.

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