Seattle Children’s Hospital Investigated for Fatal Medication Errors


The Department of Health has initiated an investigation into Seattle Children’s Hospital after receiving reports of three medication errors in the past two weeks. Two of the three incidents resulted in fatalities.

The first medication error occurred on September 15, when an infant’s dosage of calcium chloride was ten times the appropriate level. The baby died four days later while in the ICU. This week, another baby died at the hospital due to a medication error. In this situation, a critically ill newborn was transferred to Seattle Children’s, and a staff member prescribed medication without an order from a licensed practitioner, an action that violates hospital policy. This week, an adult also had his medicine improperly administered. However, the patient has made a full recovery.

The hospital’s medical director has announced that Seattle Children’s has reevaluated their medication delivery system in order to prevent similar events from happening in the future. The Department of Health has not made any recommendations yet as their investigation has not been completed.

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