Greene Turtle Restaurant Chain Faces Wage and Hour Claim


A U.S. District Court in Baltimore judge has agreed to allow a wage and hour claim against the sports bar restaurant chain Greene Turtle to move forward as a class action lawsuit. The claim, initially filed by two former servers working at the chain’s Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport location, charges the Greene Turtle corporate owner with failing to pay overtime and minimum wages.

The class action wage and hour claim seeks to recover unpaid wages and overtime for approximately 1,000 current and former employees who have worked at the restaurant chain over the past three years. The plaintiffs’ attorney has estimated that an employee who worked 40 hours per week for a six month period would have been underpaid by approximately $7,500. This figure incorporates additional damages that are assessed for federal labor law violations.

According to the lawsuit, employees received less than minimum wage based on the practice of subtracting a “tip credit” from the federally mandated minimum wage rate. While the Fair Labor Standards Act sanctions such practices, it requires the restaurant to inform employees of this practice. The plaintiffs claim Greene Turtle failed to provide this notification to employees.

The claim also alleges that Greene Turtle did not properly calculate the rate for overtime wages for its servers and bartenders, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid overtime.

The franchise has 25 locations in the Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. area. Greene Turtle denies the allegations, insisting they have adhered to all federal guidelines regarding wage and hour practices.