Gas Line Explosion Scorches Northern California Town


Yesterday, a gas line explosion occurred in San Bruno, California. The accident ravaged the San Francisco suburb, killing at least four people and causing massive property damage. At least 170 homes were damaged or destroyed from the fires, which shot about 100 feet into the air.

Hundreds of local residents were forced to gather their belongings, flee their homes, and spend the night in shelters due to the massive fire caused by the accident. Entire blocks were destroyed as cars and homes were reduced to charred remains.

Victims were rushed to local hospitals to be treated for severe burn injuries. Several are still in critical condition, and many others are expected to be admitted to hospitals today as rescuers continue to work at the scene.

A four-person team has been dispatched by the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate the accident. Pacific Gas and Electric, the local utility company in the area, has confirmed that a broken gas line set off the explosion; however, it is still uncertain what caused the break in the line.

In an emailed statement, Pacific Gas and Electric has pledged to take full accountability if they are found to be liable for the accident. Based on the extensive property damage and serious injuries, they may face several hefty personal injury lawsuits if they are ultimately deemed responsible for the explosion.