Documents Reveal Toyota Knew of Acceleration Defects Years Ago


According to documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at the end of March, Toyota was aware of the defects leading to sudden unintended acceleration as early as 2006, more than 3 ½ years before they initiated a recall for the defective autos.

These documents revealed that Toyota became aware of the defective floor mats which could cause accelerator pedals to get lodged underneath them as early as February 7, 2006, when the problem was reported in association with a 2005 Prius. They learned of the issue causing accelerator pedals to stick five months later in July 2006. Yet, the recall spanning more than 8 million vehicles world-wide to address these issues never occurred until September 2009.

Toyota officials explained that the auto manufacturer failed to act on these initial reports because the problem was not reproduced and no similar reports were filed. The U.S. Transportation Department recently fined Toyota $16.4 million after determining the auto manufacturer knowingly hid a dangerous defect from the public.

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Written by Andrew Martin: professional blogger and guru of misfortune.