McDonald’s Faces Product Liability Lawsuit


A federal appeals court in Virginia recently overturned a ruling by a lower court to dismiss a product liability lawsuit against McDonald’s. As a result, the fast food chain may be held liable for burn injuries suffered by a customer in Virginia last year.

Frank Sutton burned his lips eating a fried chicken sandwich at a local McDonald’s chain. When he bit into the sandwich, scalding grease spurted out, landing on his mouth. His wife tried to use ice from her drink to soothe his mouth, but she couldn’t prevent his lips from blistering. When Sutton informed an employee of the incident, her response was, “this is what happens to the sandwiches when they aren’t drained properly.”

When Sutton woke up the next morning, he found blood on his pillow from his blistering lips. Seven months after the incident, he still experiences issues due to the burn injury, and he is forced to avoid certain tasks at work which may exacerbate the condition.

Sutton sued McDonald’s for $2 million to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If he wins his lawsuit, it may open the door for many others who may attempt to bring frivolous personal injury lawsuits against large corporations in the hopes of making a quick buck. However, in Sutton’s case, it seems fairly clear that he suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligent actions of the local McDonald’s chain. Hopefully he can receive what he deserves without causing a spike in unfounded lawsuits against fast food restaurants.

Written by Andrew Martin: professional blogger and guru of misfortune.