Powerful Seat Belt Commercial Getting Attention Online



A new seat belt commercial has been garnering a great deal of attention online. With well over 1.5 million views already, its message is certainly getting spread. The tagline slogan for the commercial is “Embrace Life: Always wear your seat belt.”

The video centers around a family of three: a mother, father, and daughter. As the video opens, they are all sitting in their living room. The mother and daughter are on the couch, side by side and smiling at the father, who is sitting across the room smiling back at them. They are clearly a loving family.

The father is holding his arms up as if he is driving a vehicle. All of a sudden, his expression changes. It is clear that he has encountered some troubles on the road and is bracing himself for an auto accident. The commercial then pans back to the mother and daughter, whose faces are also visibly concerned.

They instantly get up and close in around the father. The daughter clasps her arms around his waist (forming the lap belt) and the mother clasps her arms around his upper body (forming the shoulder harness). The “human seat belt” is securely fastened moments before impact, at which point the father jerks backward and kicks the small table at his feet into the air. Small pieces of food scatter everywhere, as if glass has shattered.

When the commotion dies down, it is clear that the father is alright. Apparently, the human seat belt saved his life.

This commercial, which is practically a minute and a half long, both powerfully and effectively plays on the emotional bond of family in stressing the importance of wearing a seat belt. When involved in a serious auto accident, your seat belt may be the difference between life and death. Please spread the commercial on to your loved ones so that it can serve as a reminder to them of the importance of wearing a seat belt.