Godsmack Singer Settles Auto Accident Lawsuit


Sully Erna, lead singer for the band Godsmack, has recently settled an auto accident claim stemming from a three vehicle collision in 2007. The multi-million dollar damage award will be disbursed over the next few decades.

In April 2007, Erna rear-ended a Toyota Camry with his Hummer H3 in Massachusetts. Lindsay Taylor, a 27-year-old passenger in the back seat of the Camry, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in the auto accident. Taylor and her family sued Erna to recover damages, claiming the musician’s negligence caused the accident.

Erna has argued that the driver of the Camry was partially responsible for the accident, since he initially rear-ended the vehicle in front of him, causing the auto accident with Erna’s vehicle. Erna also claimed the roadway design was partially responsible for the three car accident.

As part of the settlement, Erna and/or his insurance company must pay $3.3 million immediately, to be distributed as follows:

  • $1 million to Lindsay Taylor
  • $1.8 million for attorneys fees
  • $170,000 to Lindsay’s father Jeffrey
  • $70,000 to Lindsay’s mother Elaine
  • The rest will cover additional medical expenses

Taylor will also receive a monthly payment of $4,637 for the next five years with a 3% annual increase, $5,492 each month for the next 14 years with a 3% annual increase, and $9,659 a month for the rest of her life after that. She will receive a 3% annual increase for this figure as well. Starting in 2017, Elaine will receive $710 each month for 20 years.

The settlement is pending approval by the courts.

If you have suffered a serious injury from an auto accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. It is important to consult an experienced auto accident attorney who can help make sure your rights are protected in your time of need.