EMTs Who Refused to Save Woman Now Under Investigation


When a pregnant 25-year-old woman collapsed at the cafe where she worked, off-duty EMTs were present getting food. However, when they were told a woman had collapsed in the back and was foaming at the mouth, they refused to help, and told employees to call 911. Then they left. As a result, the woman and her unborn child died, and left a three-year-old without a mother.

As a result of their inaction, and the media focus, the New York Fire Department has suspended both EMTs without pay. Now both are being investigated and the victim’s mother may file a suit. The excuse for the two EMTs is that they had not been in the field for years and had very little patient contact due to their role as dispatchers. However, both were trained as emergency medical technicians, so knew what to do in this case. This seems to have pit FDNY against the union and the lawyer for the two EMTs. Even Mayor Bloomberg has been quoted as stating there was no excuse for the actions of the EMTs.

Medical negligence usually comes up when something happens inside a hospital or a doctor’s office. Rarely do the actions of EMTs or paramedics come up. Yet, this case certainly falls into the realm of a massive epic fail on the part of those who were trained to help people and then refused to do it.

Their lawyer says there has been a rush to judgment, and maybe the situation might have been called into doubt had there not been a cafe full of witnesses. But there were several people there who watched EMTs walk away from a young woman in need of immediate medical attention. Most people would consider this unforgiveable. They might even be in the right if they were to file a lawsuit for the wrongful death of their loved one, as well.