Fugitive Surgeon Wanted for Malpractice Caught in Italy


A doctor wanted for fraud and medical malpractice was tracked to Italy where he was caught while camping on a mountain. It is believed he was attempting to sneak into Switzerland. The 46-year-old doctor stabbed himself in the neck as he was being taken into custody. The doctor has been on the run for more than five years since he disappeared in Mykonos while vacationing with his wife. The malpractice suits began prior to the Mediterranean vacation.

Once known as the “Nose Doctor,” the Indiana man is now the subject of at least 100 lawsuits. He had promised patients modern sinus surgeries that cost up to $40,000 and took two hours to perform, but instead performed outdated surgeries that took less than half an hour. His practice was allegedly an assembly line of patients. Those patients then sought medical reviews, which lead to the lawsuits. One of those patients has since died of throat cancer; she was misdiagnosed by the doctor as having a sinus infection.

The doctor was indicted in Indiana in 2006 on over 20 counts of fraud for allegedly overbilling insurance companies for unneeded procedures or procedures that were not performed.

The doctor’s ex-wife blames his “narcissistic personality disorder” and that he constantly needed to be adored, but that he was a good doctor. She says the criticism from the impending malpractice suits caused him to run because he couldn’t take it anymore.