More Toys with Lead Found


It seems that for the last couple of years, as the nation approaches the Holiday season, reports surface about toys containing lead. This time it’s Barbie and Disney products. The Center for Environmental Health tested around 250 products found on the shelves of Target, Wal-Mart and other retailers. High lead levels were found in seven of them. High levels of lead have been linked to developmental problems in children.

The products with high lead levels include a Disney Tinkerbell Water Lily Necklace, a Barbie Bike Flair Accessory Kit, Dora the Explorer Activity Tote, a belt for boys, a childs’ poncho, and two pairs of kids’ shoes. California Attorney General Jerry Brown has sent letters to the retailers where the products were found telling them to pull them immediately.

The companies have also issued their round of excuses for toys with illegal levels of lead. Mattel claims the Barbie name was licensed to Bell Sports for the bike accessory kit, but did not make or sell it. Bell Sports says the kit passed safety tests in 2007, but didn’t even know it was still on shelves. Disney says the Tinkerbell necklace was tested by Playmates Toys, the licensee, and that the product passed all federal and state consumer guidelines.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking into the situation.