Game Injury Kills High School Football Player


A 17-year-old Spokane, Washington high school student was injured in a football game on Friday night. Reports say a hit on the teen in the first quarter sent him flying and landing on his head, but he was able to get up and run off the field. He became nauseous and lapsed into unconsciousness minutes later.

The teen was sent to the hospital, but died Sunday of severe brain swelling.

The high school the teen has suffered a drop in enrollment and the football team dropped from an 11-man to an 8-man rotation. Most players are on offense as well as defense. As a result, the chances for injury have gone up. While the brain injury the student suffered was admittedly something that is rare in high school sports, concussions and other types of head injuries are not uncommon in football.

Not much is known about the young man’s injury, other than the cause, but typically concussive sports injuries are mild forms of traumatic brain injury. While one concussion may not have long term damage, two or more greatly increases the chances for future brain damage.

The high school football program this boy was on is only three-years-old, however they spent thousands of dollars on pads and helmets like programs across the country. This is simply another tragic episode in what many consider an American rite of passage.