Pending Suit Over Hog Farm Odor


In Kansas City, plaintiffs and defendants are preparing for yet another battle over the smells inherent in hog farming.

  • Representing the plaintiffs is one Charlie Speer, Esq. who has stated that he has over 350 pending cases in Missouri against large hog farms.
  • The defendant this time is Premium Standard, purchased in 2007 by Virginia-based Smithfield Foods

More specifically, seven families are suing a Premium Standard farm called Homann Farm. There are 15 plaintiffs and 13 of them have previously received $100,000 each from a 1999 suit against this same property. They are claiming that the odors are unchanged and make their lives unpleasant.

Not Small Family Farms
These hog farms are not the small family-run operations of past years. They are corporate farms that raise thousands of hogs for pork processing. Speer claims that Smithfield is taking millions of dollars from Missouri and sending it to affluent East Coast executives. Speer himself, who lives in Kansas City, has won nearly $10 million from Premium Standard Farms and its affiliates since 1999.

Disputing this claim, attorney for Smithfield Foods, Jean Paul Bradshaw, states:
“You can’t raise hogs without there being a smell. Hogs smell. There is the odor of agriculture, and we think we probably do more than anyone else to reduce odor.”

Premium Standard President, Bill Homann, who lives only eight miles from another large hog farm about an hour’s drive north of the farm in question, says:
“Folks that manage these farms, including myself, are rural people who are no different than anybody else that lives in this community. We are this community.”

Homann graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in agricultural education. He says that Premium Standard has spent millions of dollars in neutralizing the hog odor.

In April 2009, attorney Speer co-founded The Center to Expose and Close Animal Factories. The Center’s mission is to “expose the dangers of concentrated animal feeding operations.”

These hog farm odor claims are mostly filed in Missouri, which has no limit on the amount that can be won. In contrast, just three have been filed in Iowa, which produces more than six times the amount of hogs and is the largest pork-producing state in the U.S.

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