Nebraska Woman Severely Injured in Nebraska Dog Attack


Pit bulls have the ignoble reputation for being one of the most dangerous dog breeds a person can own. It isn’t just that they attack people. It’s that the attacks are so violent. Labradors may statistically be the dog breed that bites people the most, but the pit bull gets all the attention. When is the last time you heard about a Lab or a Dalmatian attacking and killing someone?

The latest, and unfortunately not the last, episode of an attack by a pit bull occurred in Omaha, Nebraska where a woman nearly lost her leg defending a child from the dog. The dog went after the young boy who went screaming through his neighbor’s yard, which alerted others to his aid. That’s when the pit bull switched its focus from the boy to the victim of the attack, who apparently stood between the dog and the boy. She was bitten several times on the legs, and was missing part of her calf muscle.

The pit bull was taken to the Nebraska Humane Society. Its owner has agreed that it should be euthanized and she swears she will never get another one. One neighbor told local media that there are several other pit bulls in the neighborhood. The victim is in the hospital and in a lot of pain. It is unknown whether the dog’s owner will face charges.

Dogs attack hundreds of people a year. Some of the bite victims will wind up in the hospital, and one or two of them will die. While we can never know exactly why some dog breeds are aggressive while others are not, as a society we look to the owners for compensation in the event there is a visit to the hospital. Until people stop training their dogs to be aggressive or stop raising aggressive breeds, this will continue to be part of the social contract still in development.