Train Operator Admits Fault in Boston Train Mishap


A Boston commuter train operator says he misjudged the length of track on Tuesday, causing a minor train accident. Twenty people were injured when the train’s bumper hit the end of the barrier at South Station yesterday morning. Officials say the train was going extremely slow, perhaps only one or two miles per hour. There is hardly any damage to the thick front bumper of the train. It is believed most of the injuries were on people who were not sitting or holding onto anything. Many of them were preparing to get off the train when they were thrown.

Passengers describe a very hard stop, which caused people to fly through the air. Of the 20 people, 13 were taken to hospitals. Two later went to the hospital and five refused to be treated. All injuries were minor cuts and bruises, as well as some back and spinal injuries. All but one of the passengers had been treated and released by the afternoon. The remaining passenger reportedly had a pre-existing medical condition unrelated to the train mishap.

While the train engineer has been placed on leave and will be tested for drugs and alcohol, he has been an employee of the railway for over ten years and has a clean record. Officials have also ruled out cell phone use.

Accidents really are just accidents on occasion.