Georgia Couple Attacked and Killed by Pack of Dogs


On Friday, August 14, two Georgia seniors were apparently mauled by a pack of feral dogs near their home. The couple’s bodies were found Saturday morning by a group of people out walking. When paramedics arrived Saturday morning, they found the bodies guarded by a large group of dogs.

Based on evidence, authorities believe the 77-year-old man went out to look for his 65-year-old wife. She may have been out looking for one of the couple’s dogs that had been missing for about a month. It is believed the man drove up to find his wife’s body, exited the vehicle and was attacked. Police believe he may have tried to use his cell phone before succumbing to the attack. Preliminary autopsies show both died from multiple dog bites.

Since the attack, police have rounded up 16 feral dogs using traps and sedatives. The 11 adults and five puppies are all facing court-ordered euthanasia. They allege the dogs were aggressive toward them as they were rounding them up. There is no evidence the dogs are rabid. This is apparently the same pack the female victim worried about, and wondered if anyone was feeding or caring for them. Both victims were animal lovers, and owned 20 cats and seven dogs on their rural property.

It is believed that a man who lived down the road from the victims was feeding the feral pack. The victims’ son says his parents were animal lovers, and he does not want charges brought against the man.

According to statistics from the Humane Society and the American Pet Products Association, there have been around 20 dog attacks this year that ended in death. There were 22 in 2008 and 33 in 2007. It is statistically more likely that someone will be struck by lightning than killed by a dog. However, there are millions of dog bites every year that end in trips to the emergency room.

Though the man who fed the pack said the dogs were never aggressive toward him, a pack mentality may have taken over. If one animal is agitated, the rest of those with it may also become riled up.