Possible Link between Birth Defects Industrial Pollutants


California environmental advocates are urging local Kings County industries to stop production until recent birth injuries, birth defects, and infant deaths are investigated. The advocacy group says industrial pollutants, poor air quality, and poor water quality have contributed to the birth problems and a public health emergency.

Over 14-months, five out of 20 babies were born with birth defects. Some of the defects include cleft palates, and at least three infants died from birth defect complications. Unfortunately, business owners claim there is no connection between industrial construction and the birth defects.

Residents and advocates say that it’s criminal for officials to ignore the rash of birth defects. Residents want the industry construction to stop until the birth defects can be explained and a government investigation is conducted.

Birth defects and birth injuries can be caused by a number of different factors, and the parents of these injured babies think that the pollutants in their area have caused these problems. A toxic tort lawyer could help these victims file lawsuits against the polluters to help get them compensation for damages their children have suffered.