Tennessee Homeowners File Chemical Exposure Lawsuit


About two years ago, homeowners in Tennessee discovered several types of toxic chemicals in a nearby creek and river, as well as in the soil near and under their homes. The homeowners informed a toxic exposure attorney who told nearby paint-maker Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Co. that they had to correct the problem or face a lawsuit.

Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Co. has taken responsibility for the toxins in the land near the homes, but claims that the levels of chemicals in the soil pose no risk to humans. The homeowners, on the other hand, say that the chemicals are at or above the levels that pose a risk to human health and that they can smell the toxins around their yard and patio.

The chemical contamination the homeowners have encountered on their property include benzene, acetone, and toluene. These toxins have made living in the homes near the plant almost unbearable, and the people who live in the homes are afraid for their health.

The toxic tort against Egyptian Lacquer claims that the values of properties have dropped since the discovery of the dangerous chemicals. The homeowners also want the company to acknowledge that they’ve broken laws while polluting the environment in the area.