Home Foreclosures Spur Premises Liability Accidents


In the wake of the economic recession, there are many homes being foreclosed leaving thousands of buildings empty. One of the dangers of these foreclosures is that these properties are rapidly declining in quality and safety.

For some families in the country, these empty homes have also caused them to suffer the realities of a child’s death. One Florida family is now left without their daughter because she wandered into the backyard of a foreclosed home and fell into a pool that was left filled and unattended. Now, the family is questioning who is at fault for the wrongful death.

There are several possibilities because the family who used to occupy the house no longer owns, the bank owns the property, but has not maintained it, and the insurance company is refusing to accept responsibility for the pool accident. Premises liability accidents are difficult incidents because it’s hard to determine who is at fault.

The victims of a wrongful death are left with dealing the loss of a loved one and searching for the people responsible for their loss. Many families find that a wrongful death attorney helps them deal with legalities during this hard time. Whether it is a cut-and-dry premises liability case, or one in which there is some confusion, you may be able to get the compensation you deserve by contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer.