Train Accident Kills 13, Injures 50


On June 30, an Italian train derailed and exploded, killing numerous people and injuring many more. The train accident collapsed buildings near the accident site and sent over 50 people to local hospitals to treat severe burn injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and other health problems.

Train accidents such as this are terrible events that involve many different victims, which is why an experienced train accident attorney is essential for injured parties. Whether you were injured from the train accident itself, or if your building was damaged from a train accident, you can recover compensation from the people liable for the injuries you suffered.

Officials investigating the Italian train crash say that it is unclear how the rear car of the train became derailed, but the investigation is underway. Reports from witnesses and police say that the rear car of the train came off the tracks and plowed into nearby buildings.

The serious accident ignited another train car, setting off an explosion resembling a bomb. The building impacted by the train had people sleeping inside who were killed from the ensuing fire and the eventual collapsing of the structures. In addition to the people injured and killed in the accident, over 1,000 residents were evacuated as a precaution against more injuries and wrongful deaths.