Prison Inmate Files $3 Million Personal Injury Suit


An inmate in federal prison has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Carter County Detention Center in West Virginia, as well as others, claiming they failed to provide with the appropriate duty of care. The inmate claims he suffered severe injuries to his knees, but prison staff neglected to have them treated in a timely manner. He is seeking $3 million.

According to the lawsuit, the inmate suffered his fist knee injury on June 19, 2005 when he fell from his top bunk. He was then further injured the next day when he was being transported to a different detention facility. During the drive, the prison driver hit his brakes to avoid a traffic accident, but caused the passengers to be thrown to the floor.

The sudden stop and ensuing fall severely injured the inmate’s knees, and he requested medical attention as soon as possible. The prison staff ignored his requests until October 11, 2005, when he was finally allowed to see a doctor. The doctor said he had completely torn ligaments and other soft tissues in his knee as well as ruptured his patella.

The doctor suggested the inmate get knee surgery as soon as possible, but again, the prison staff ignored the suggestion. The inmate finally got the knee surgery he needed on October 6, 2006, almost a year after seeing the physician. The injuries the inmate is seeking compensatory damages for include extensive knee damage, rehabilitative procedures, physical pain, and mental and emotional anxiety and stress.