Cerebral Palsy Victim Injured in School Bus Accident


A Florida student with cerebral palsy was injured June 12 when the driver of the school bus he was riding in had to slam on the brakes to avoid a school bus accident. The wheelchair-bound student was thrown to the floor and had his two front teeth knocked out because of the driving.

The 20-year-old high school student suffers from cerebral palsy, a disability caused at birth. The student depends on the assistance of other people for most things, so he was unable to protect himself from the fall. The family of the student says that the reason he suffered any injuries is because the bus driver and assistant failed to restrain his wheelchair properly.

The accident left him nervous, bleeding, and scared. Since he has cerebral palsy, the student will also not be able to undergo the dental implant surgery that would be required to replace his teeth.

The school district claims that their bus drivers and assistants receive ample training, and that it is not their fault the student’s wheelchair tipped over. The family disagrees, saying that a similar incident has happened in the past and that the special needs buses are designed to keep their child safe if the wheel chair is restrained correctly.

Training alone does not mean bus drivers are exempt from negligence. However, accidents happen, no matter what the level of training is. The debate this accident raises, not for the first time, is the need for seat belts or other safety restraints in our nation’s school buses.