Indiana Family Suffers Injuries after Zoo Train Accident


An Indiana family who went to the zoo for a nice, family outing were instead sent to the hospital after a small train accident. The family has reportedly already filed a lawsuit against the zoo with the help of an experienced train accident lawyer.

The family was taking a ride on the zoo’s small train that is designed to be an amusement ride within the zoo, but the operator of the train took a turn too sharply, throwing the entire family from the train. According to their report, the erratic train operator was flustered and distracted. For example, she came by to take their tickets twice, forgetting she had gotten the first time.

The injuries suffered by the family as a result of the train accident include a broken leg when the victim was caught underneath a portion of the train. The leg was broken in a few different places and the bone broke the skin. A two-year-old member of the family was also cut in the head.

At the moment, the family is preventing the zoo from altering the state of the train or from removing any video of the accident. This will most certainly help the family when they seek damages for both their physical and emotional injuries.