Police Officer Causes Maryland Auto Accident


On Friday, June 13, a Maryland police officer ran a red light at an intersection and collided with two other vehicles. Although the officer was on duty, he was not responding to a call or other accident.

At the time of the auto accident, the red light was red, but the officer ran the red light and hit two other cars. Although the drivers of the other cars were not injured, their cars were severely damaged.

The police officer has been involved in other controversial behavior. In September 2007, the officer forced a man to the ground at a convenience store while off-duty because he reported seeing the man pull out a knife. A few months later, a review board looked into the officer’s actions when he mishandled a prisoner.

Although auto accidents do happen, and police officers can make mistakes and get into an accident like this, this officer may be a risk to the community with his actions. Law enforcement officials should not be treated differently than normal civilians, so it is important they be held liable for the car accidents they cause, and that you recover the damages you deserve.