Boating Accident Lawsuit Filed Against Connecticut Bar


The victims of a boating accident have filed a lawsuit against a bar located on a lake where a late-night collision left two dead and three injured. The lawsuit claims that the bar is responsible for the boating crash because employees continued to serve one of the boat drivers after they were already intoxicated.

The driver of a 365-horsepower speedboat was at the lakeside bar consuming alcoholic beverages before operating his boat at full throttle and colliding with a bass-fishing boat on the lake. The driver and one of the passengers of the speedboat were killed in the collision.

The body of the speedboat driver had a blood alcohol level of 0.19 when he was killed in the accident, which is more than twice the legal limit. The people within the bass boat have filed their boating accident lawsuit against the bar in order to recover damages for the injuries they suffered as well as the damage done to their boat.

The employees of the bar have said they only served the men in the speedboat one beer, and that they looked perfectly sober when they were at the bar. This might suggest that the men were drinking either before or after they left the bar. In addition to the bar, lawsuits will be filed against the Candlewood Lake Authority who patrols the lake in order to ensure safety.