South Carolina Man Suffers Serious Electrical Shock


A contractor working at the Freestyle Music Park in South Carolina was digging a hole on the grounds of the park when he struck a power line and was electrocuted with nearly 20,000 volts. The electrocution victim was taken to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston where he was listed in critical condition.

In addition to being electrocuted, the man suffered serious burns around his hands and feet where the current entered and exited his body.

Electrical shock accidents are serious events that can leave victims suffering from permanent disabilities. For some people, it can take up to three years for all the injuries from the electrical shock to surface. After an electrical shock, the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system can all be damaged.

It is estimated that nearly 1000 people die every year from serious electrical shock injuries in the United States. Many of these electrocutions are work related.

If you’ve suffered an electrical shock injury, contact an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer to learn about what damages you can recover and who may be responsible for your injury.