Hartford Hospital Cited with 30 Health Code Violations


The Connecticut Department of Public Health announced that the probation period for Hartford Hospital has been extended due to 30 health code violations last year alone. Since February DPH officials have subjected Hartford Hospital to unannounced visits from state health inspectors, as well as from outside agencies.

DPH said that there has been a decrease in the number of patients who have fallen and the number of bedsores, but there were five extremely serious violations of the 30 that were cited. One of these includes a patient sent home with a 13-inch surgical instrument still in their abdomen.

Hartford Hospital is a massive medical center with over 7000 employees. It is the main teaching hospital for the University of Connecticut Medical School and was founded in 1854. While it was placed on probation for a number of violations, Hartford Hospital was noted by US New and World Report as one of the nation’s top psychiatric facilities in 2008. Ironically, some of the violations mentioned in the DPH reports took place in the psychiatric facility resulting in “re-education of all Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Practitioners, Nurses and Physicians” about certain protocols.

Other violations include not keeping track of patient log-in and log-out times, confusion over which drugs a patient had been given or was to receive, and more. These violations took part in many areas of the hospital and were not segregated to one department or facility.