Pistachio Recall



The FDA announced Monday that nearly a million pounds of products containing roasted pistachios are being voluntarily recalled by a California food processing plant because of worries about salmonella contamination. The pistachios come from Setton Farms in Terra Bella, California. The pistachios were put into one-ton containers and sent out to various wholesalers where the pistachios were then packaged for resale or used as ingredients in other products, such as trail mix.

The FDA has said there have been no illnesses linked to the pistachios, and the two complaints they have had about possible illnesses related to eating tainted pistachios cannot be linked to Setton Farms. They have also said, though consumers may have already purchased products containing the tainted pistachios, they should not throw them out. If there are additional recalls, the FDA would like consumers to turn the products in so that the contamination may be traced more easily.

Kraft Foods notified the FDA early last week that strains of salmonella were found during routine testing of pistachios received from Setton Farms. Kraft is only one of nearly 40 companies that get their pistachios from salmonella. Setton Farms is the second largest pistachio processor in the country.

The grocery retailer, Kroger, began recalling pistachio products last Friday.