Family Ends Search for NFL Player Missing at Sea



The family of Marquis Cooper, a player in the NFL, has decided to end their search for him and his two friends. The three have been missing for almost a week of the coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico after a fishing boat they were on overturned in rough weather. Also missing are NFL player Corey Smith and Will Bleakley who is a former University of South Florida player. The Coast Guard ended their search earlier this week, but the Cooper family had held out hope that he would be found, just as Nick Schuyler was. Schuyler, the lone survivor, was found clinging to the overturned boat last Monday.

Schuyler has told authorities that when the craft initially overturned, all four men were wearing life jackets and clinging to the boat. However, two to four hours later one of the NFL players removed his vest, and was swept out to sea. A short time later, the other NFL player did the same thing. Bleakley removed his vest and tried to swim for help when he thought he saw some lights in the distance.

The Coast Guard has said that, though calling off the search last Tuesday, they believe if there were any survivors other than Schuyler, they would have been found.