Amtrak Train Hits Tractor-Trailer



Although collisions between trains and other vehicles has dropped around 80 percent in the past 30 years, and fatalities resulting from these collisions is extremely low, every once in a while there’s another one. Education, signs, and gate crossing technology may have improved, but this has not completely eliminated those who try to drive around gates and believe they can beat the train at crossings.

And on Wednesday morning, in Harrisburg, North Carolina, another collision between a train and a tractor-trailer occurred. This is the fourth such accident in the region in less than three years. Authorities say the driver of the tractor-trailer, hauling bricks and building material, stopped on the tracks. Crew members of the Amtrak say the driver did not stop before entering the rail crossing. Just moments before the accident, the driver ran from the vehicle. The Federal Railroad Administration estimates that over 90 percent of these types of collisions are because of risky driver behavior or lack of judgment

The impact between the train and the tractor-trailer sent bricks and other debris flying, and the train dragged the wreckage for about 100 yards. The locomotive was damaged, but no one was injured. The ten passengers on the train, which was coming from Raleigh, were either put on taxis to finish their trip or had friends pick them up.