Hospital Facing Lawsuit after Knife Left in Head


Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida may be sued by a woman who claims they left part of a knife in her head. The woman was attacked and stabbed twice in the head nearly three years ago. She was treated for the stab wounds, where they were stitched and she was sent home in good condition.

The woman wound up returning to the hospital complaining about headaches and was scheduled for an MRI. It was through an x-ray that a blade was left in her head. Her x-ray shows something next to her jaw. Her attorney stated, “A simple x-ray is comparatively easy, inexpensive and accessible, and you would think that a stab wound would probably justify a $25 or $50 x-ray to make sure no foreign body, either dirt or gravel or some foreign object, remained in the wound site, but apparently that didn’t happen.”

The hospital has refused to comment on how this could have happened citing patient privacy issues. The woman’s attorney has said that the lawsuit is still in the investigative stage and has not yet been filed. There is also no word on if the woman plans to have the blade removed.

While medical malpractice cases that deal with foreign objects left in the body are usually placed there by either a doctor or nurse during surgery, it is these same medical professionals that are supposed to remove things like blades, bullets, glass, and more when people are sent to the emergency room. X-rays are certainly one of the easiest ways to find these objects. Apparently, this technology is not always used.