Thousands of Zune MP3 Players Freeze Simultaneously



The Microsoft Zune MP3 player, first released in 2006, is that company’s answer to blunting the popularity of the Apple iPod – at least in theory. However, late last Tuesday and early Wednesday, thousands of older 30GB Zunes froze up simultaneously, which caused frustration for owners across the country. By the late afternoon of December 31, there were over 19,000 comments on a post on called “Help-frozen zune!!!!”

According to Matt Aker who works with the Zune Product Team, the problem was caused by a glitch with the internal clock and related to how the Zune functions during a leap year. Users were already calling this “Y2K9″ or “Z2K9.” Aker said the problem would probably clear up on New Year’s Day. The solution was to have customers completely drain their Zunes and then recharge them by connecting the MP3 player to AC power or a computer.

A statement from Microsoft posted on the Zune website last Wednesday morning said the company was aware of the problem and was working to correct it.

Owners of the second generation 80GB and 120GB Zune models didn’t report any problems with their MP3 players freezing.