High Chair Recall


Nearly 100,000 Evenflo Majestic High Chairs have been recalled due to caps and screws that can fall off. When these fall off, the back of the seat can collapse. Evenflo Co. Inc. and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall early Thursday morning, and that the high chairs are sold nationwide at Toys ‘R Us, Babies ‘R Us, Burlington Coat Factory and more.

There have been over a thousand reports of the plastic caps and screws falling off and almost 150 reports of the seatbacks detaching sent in to Evenflo. These malfunctions have caused mostly bumps and bruises, but there have been two reports of broken bones and dozens of others detailing other injures. Evenflo has also said children can choke on the parts that have fallen off, but there have been no reports of choking.

These chairs were made before January 23, 2007 and have the following model numbers:

  • 3001395A
  • 3001583
  • 3001633A
  • 3001669
  • 3001700A
  • 3001713
  • 3001713A
  • 3001730A
  • 3001732
  • 3001732A
  • 3001733
  • 3001742
  • 3001742A
  • 3001756

The model number can be found on a white label located on the seatback.