Another Tire Valve Recall


Dill Air, a North Carolina importer of Chinese-made tire stem valves, is warning consumers to check their tires due to premature weathering and cracking. This can result in loss of tire pressure.

Dill Air estimates there are 1.8 million stems that are part of this recall. This is because the problem is with two lots that total nearly 200,000 units, but the valve stems are not traceable by number after they have been installed. Therefore, all units sold between November 2006 and July 2007 are subject to this recall.

These valve stems were manufactured by Topseal Automotive, which is a subsidiary of Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corp. They are distributed by Oxford, North Carolina-based Dill under the brand name “Dill ACP.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is already investigating Topseal due to over one million Ford vehicles were installed with faulty stems before October 2008. Another investigation was started last May due to Shanghai Baolong manufacturing over 20 million faulty valve stems in 2006.

Dill Air is asking consumers to have the valves checked professionally where the tires were purchased, or another tire center.