Infant Medicine Recall


Nearly 12,000 bottles of Mylicon Gas Relief medicine for infants has been recalled due to the finding of metal fragments in some bottles. Johnson & Johnson/Merck Pharmaceuticals Co. has voluntarily recalled the medicine, according to the Department of Consumer Protection.

The one-ounce bottles that were subject to the recall were all distributed after October 5, 2008. While only some of these bottles may have metal fragments in them, and the risk is small, the company has decided to recall all of them. It is thought that the metal wound up in the medicine during the manufacturing process.

According to the company, the problems associated with the medicine would be temporary and medical treatment will help clear them up. Parents who are concerned about their children should contact their pediatrician immediately.

The two lots of the medicine that are part of the recall have the product codes:

  • 71683791111-1 SMF007
  • 71683791111-1 SMF008

These codes can be found on the bottom of the box the medicine came in or the lower left side of the product bottle.