Covidien Syringes Recalled


It was announced by U.S. health officials last Wednesday, November 5, that Covidien Ltd. Was recalling almost 500,000 single-use syringes that pose risks for diabetics. The Food and Drug Administration stated the mislabeled ReliOn syringes may contain as much as 2.5 times the intended dose of insulin, which can lead to low blood sugar levels or even death. A packaging process mistake is to blame. Syringes labeled with U-40 insulin were mixed with syringes labeled for use with U-100 insulin.

The syringes were sold at WalMart and Sam’s Club from August 1 to October 9. Covidien took it upon itself to recall the syringes on October 9, nearly a month before health officials began to warn doctors and patients. WalMart Stores Inc. posted a recall notice in stores and on its website, as well as sent letters to nearly 17,000 consumers.

According to the FDA, one adverse reaction was relayed to the manufacturer.

The recalled syringe number is 813900.