Rechargeable Battery Recall



Around 13,000 rechargeable batteries sold with portable DVD/CD/MP3 players are being recalled by Coby Electronics due to a fire hazard that comes from the batteries overheating. Coby Electronics is based in New York and has satellite offices across the country.

Batteries sold with the TF-DVD 1020 portable DVD/CD/MP3 players with the following serial numbers are the target of the recall:

  • DG240043D503000001-1006
  • DG240006D503000001-400
  • DG240039D603000001-3000
  • DG240111D603000001-2000
  • DG240143D602000001-3000
  • DG240106D602000001-2000
  • DG240106D702000001-2000
  • DG240183D942000001-100
  • DG240071DB02000001-1400
  • DG240115D702000001-1726
  • DG240115D702000001-2500

These batteries were sold from May 2007 to July 2008 at various discount, music, toy, electronics, office supply stores as well as distributors of electronic products nationwide. Consumers are urged to stop using their TF-DVD 1020 DVD/CD/MP3 players immediately and to contact Coby Electronics for a replacement battery.