Tire Valve Recall



Faulty tire valve stems may be the cause of millions of tire blowouts a year, according to Consumer Reports. The tire valve stem is the rubber tube used to inflate the tire. The faulty valve stems have been linked to a fatal SUV rollover in California. The SUV rolled when its right rear tire blew out. A lawsuit blames a cracked tire valve. As a result, a recall has been issued by Tech International, a U.S. company that has distributed as many as six million tire valve stems.

Don Mays, who works for Consumer Reports, says, “If you’ve replaced your tires since 2006, there’s a chance that your tire valves are affected by the recall.”

The cracks may leak air slowly, which result in a flat tire. However, when traveling at highway speeds, “you could have sudden air loss, and that can be a serious problem.”

Consumer Reports states that, while it is not easy to determine if you have one of these faulty valves, there are things you can do. The first is to check your tire pressure once a month and inspect the valves for cracks. To do this, flex the valve toward the tire, rotating it to look for cracks along the stem. If the valve is good, there should be no cracks. If you find a crack, you should take the car to a mechanic and have all tire stems replaced. If you are unsure if you have a valve that has been recalled, really the only way to check is to have a mechanic take the tire off and look for the valve’s model number from the inside.

The recalled valve models distributed in 2006 are:

  • TR-413
  • TR-413CH
  • TR-414
  • TR-415
  • TR-418
  • TR-423

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