NFL Makes Announcement Regarding Concussions


Several National Football League players in recent years have been knocked unconscious during games but returned to play the same game after being checked out by a doctor. However, the NFL recently announced that teams should not return formerly unconscious players to the game or practice in which they were injured.

The announcement by the NFL highlighted several procedures that will be put in next season regarding concussions, most notably the introduction of a pamphlet to educate players as well as a confidential hot line through which they can report any instance in which a player is coerced to play against medical advice.

An NFL team returning a player who has been knocked out to the same game does not appear to be routine, but it has happened.

Earlier this year, a neuropathologist linked the suicide of the former player Andre Waters to depression caused by repeated concussions, and studies have found a correlation between concussions and subsequent psychological issues. These and other controversies prompted the NFL to invite team medical personnel and outside critics to a June meeting in Chicago to discuss procedures to handle concussions.