Home Improvement Efforts Can Result in Serious Injury


As more and more people try to be do-it-yourselfer’s regarding home improvements, the number of injuries related to home improvements is on the rise.

In the past, nail guns were only used by trained carpenters and skilled tradesmen due to the danger involved with them, but now that consumers are buying and using nail guns at an increasing rate, the number of nail gun accidents is on the rise. Consumer nail-gun injuries serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital have increased 300% since 1991. Each year, approximately 14,000 home improvers are using nail guns to install siding, to lay hardwood floors, or to frame a new addition to their house and they are getting hurt.

Unfortunately, many of these power tool users buy such equipment and use it having had no prior experience with the powerful tools. Not everyone who goes to the home improvement store sticks around for the demonstration on how to use the tool safely.

Another home improvement hazard common to those who prefer doing it themselves is falling off ladders. Approximately 136,000 people fall off ladders and end up with fractures, sprains and broken bones each year. Most people using ladders have used them before and feel safe on them, especially on the lower rungs. Surprisingly, studies show that injuries from the lowest rungs of the ladder can be just as bad as injuries from the higher rungs of the ladder.

Lawnmower accidents continue to be a serious problem, also. Like so many other accidents at home, lawnmower accidents can take place in a fraction of a second and are usually preventable. There are as many as 80,000 lawnmower accidents in the United States each year and most of the victims are men and boys. The vast majority of lawnmower accidents happen when the mower shoots sticks or rocks into the air hitting the user or people standing nearby.

Sometimes injuries from these tools are due to user error, but in many cases, the injuries are caused by some defect in the product.

Clearly the number of accidents happening around the home involving ladders, power tools and lawnmowers indicates that more time and care need to be taken when using these tools. The cable shows may make home improvements look simple, but without training on the use of these tools, serious injuries can and do happen every day.