Deadly Truck Accident Kills 1, Seriously Injures Another


A lawsuit over a deadly three-vehicle collision near Gloster, Louisiana that killed one and seriously injured another has been settled for $5.5 million. The agreement reached during mediation means the family of Allan Richard, 60, who was killed in the December 7 crash, will receive $1 million from the trucking company’s insurance company and Henry Washington, 47, who will require 24-hour care for the rest of his life, will get $4 million from the trucking company’s insurance company. The company is also paying an additional $500,000 to Washington.

The deadly crash happened when 18-wheeler driver Mike McCauley, 35, lost control of his oilfield salt water truck while reaching for a dropped cell phone as he rounded a curve. He was not ticketed or criminally charged. The tanker truck, owned by Steve Kent Trucking Inc. rolled over onto Washington’s vehicle, causing him to leave the roadway and land in creek, and then struck Richard’s vehicle, which was traveling behind Washington.

The case was settled quickly because of the evidence gathered in the investigation. An investigator found the truck cab within days after the wreck and documented an illegal radar detector glued to the dashboard. Radar detectors in 18-wheelers are illegal according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations.