Breast Cancer Trial Moves to Second Week


A suit involving three women against pharmaceutical giant Wyeth over the relationship between Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) drugs Premarin and Prempro and the women’s breast cancers has entered its second week of testimony.

The women’s lawyers claim that Wyeth received “red flags” about the safety of the drugs as early as 1975, but that the company downplayed some results and simply didn’t seek answers to important safety questions.

Wyeth lawyers claim that they conducted sufficient studies and that they worked with the US Food and Drug Administration to write adequate (i.e. litigation-resistant) warning labels for the drugs.

But a former sales representative for the company called to the stand last week told that he was coached to downplay studies that showed a link between Prempro and breast cancer. “That’s how we were trained, to offset any bad publicity, we would redirect and emphasize the benefits of the product,” the rep said.

This strategy continued in court, where Wyeth lawyers said there was no evidence that their drug had caused these specific women’s cancers, despite the National Institutes of Health’s Women’s Health Initiative studies that show the drugs increase risks of breast cancer by at least 50%. Instead, the lawyers pointed to evidence that the women had been relieved of their night sweats, and probably benefited from some protection against osteoporosis.

The women’s doctors are expected to testify this week, probably partially to exempt themselves from charges of malpractice by showing that they were also deceived by Wyeth’s dishonest practices.

Pharmaceutical corporations and their lawyers will continue these tactics as long as they can get away with them. If you believe you are suffering undue, severe, and unanticipated, side effects from a prescription or non-prescription drug, contact a drug side effects lawyer today at Others may also be suffering, awaiting you to bring the truth to light.