Truck Accident Leaves College Student Dead


A Provo, Utah woman has filed a lawsuit against a construction company, saying one of their employees wrongfully caused the death of her daughter in a truck accident in 2006. The victim, Lorna Lister, a 27-year-old Brigham Young University student, was driving her car up Provo Canyon to Park City, Utah.

An Ames Construction employee, 67-year-old Thomas Landers, was driving a dump truck south down the canyon through a gravel construction zone. The dump truck suddenly crossed the southbound lane and struck the vehicle in front of Lister. The dump truck allegedly rolled over that vehicle and then collided head-on with Lister’s vehicle. The car became jammed between the first and second axle, and the dump truck dragged the car back across the southbound lane to the construction site.

The impact of the collision ripped the engine out of the car and left it lying in the middle of the road. Lister suffered some broken bones and internal injuries, but she was entangled in the car’s twisted frame and died of asphyxiation approximately 13 minutes after the collision.

The lawsuit alleges that the construction company is responsible for Lister’s death because it did not properly train Landers to operate the dump truck he was driving. Also, the construction site did not have a barrier to separate the construction zone from the public roadway.

Lister’s mother is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.