Accident-Prone Explorer Causes Major Problems for Ford


A Sacramento lawsuit set for trial in June 2007 claims the Ford Motor Company deceived consumers about the safety of the Ford Explorer, a sport utility vehicle (SUV), first built in the 1990′s. The class-action Sacramento lawsuit was brought on behalf of over 400,000 Explorer owners; a Ford defense lawyer said a lawsuit of this magnitude could put the automaker at risk of collapse. The case will not be decided by a jury but by Sacramento Superior Court Judge David DeAlba.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs feel no sympathy for Ford’s financial situation and claim that Ford should be punished for falsely marketing the Explorer’s safety and reliability. The lawsuit contends that Ford knew that the Explorers were defective in that they were prone to rollover because of the high center of gravity of the vehicle. If the judge finds that Ford kept important safety information from the consumers then the company could lose billions of dollars it’s made in profits in the last several years.

This SUV rollover lawsuit is the first class-action lawsuit of its kind, may last as long as two months, and will have at least six lawyers arguing each side of the case.