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  • Nursing Home Bankruptcy - Too many lawsuits or negligent care?
    A trail of blood and brains led nursing home staff in Houston to a room where a mentally ill resident had beaten his two roommates to death. A 45-year-old man who had been missing for hours at his Kentucky nursing home was found dead in a stairwell, his wheelchair on top of his chest. And residents
  • Maryland jury awards $37 million to family of woman shot by police
    A jury returned a verdict Friday of more than $37 million against Baltimore County, Maryland, in a civil lawsuit brought by the family and estate of a woman killed in an armed standoff with county police, according to the attorneys for the family of Korryn Gaines. Gaines, 23, was shot and killed in
  • Illinois Court Slashes Jury Award by $15M in Medical Malpractice Case
    An Illinois jury’s medical malpractice award has been slashed by $15 million because the injured woman died the day before the 2015 trial verdict. The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin reports Illinois’ 1st District Appellate Court reduced the award from $22 million to $7 million. Among the reasons cited
  • Jury Awards Paralyzed Kansas Accident Victim $38.5M
    A woman paralyzed from the chest down in a 2014 southeast Kansas crash has won a $38.5 million verdict. The Joplin Globe reports that Cherokee County jurors returned the verdict after a five-day trial. Kara Hansen was just 16 and behind the wheel of a 1966 Ford Mustang when she was struck from
In October 2003, Billy Wayne Woods and his family packed into a luxury $181,000 motorhome for a fun getaway to Florida. Call it a textbook American vacation: their destination was Disney World, and with his wife, Shirley, his son and daughter-in law and two grandchildren in tow, the trip would Read More
The verdict in the lawsuit by Robert Nolte was the third to date in federal court in litigation over AndroGel, a drug approved for men whose bodies produce low or no testosterone that has become the subject of lawsuits by thousands of people. “Our trial team did an excellent job with a very Read More
A bicycle advocacy group contends Boston police should not have cleared the truck driver involved in the fatal accident of a cyclist in the Back Bay in 2015, a death that intensified the debate about bicycle safety in the city and led to the creation of a protected bikeway. The statewide coalition Read More
Aetna settled a lawsuit for $17 million Wednesday over a data breach that happened in the summer of 2017. The privacy of as many as 12,000 people insured by Aetna was compromised in a very low-tech way: the fact that they had been taking HIV drugs was revealed through the clear window of the Read More
Here’s a despicable story for you from The Seattle Pacific Hotel decided to save money renovating its lobby by using untrained workers to remove asbestos – and didn't tell the workers they would be inhaling asbestos, which is essentially a death sentence. The Washington State Read More
More states are pulling a controversial guardrail from their highways as a grieving father headed to Capitol Hill to demand a national recall. Steve Eimers, from Tennessee, has made it his mission to have the Lindsay X-Lite guard rails removed from highways across the country and a national recall Read More