Jerry Wood had both legs severely damaged when he was hit by flying debris from the demolition explosion of the PG&E power plant on Aug. 3, 2013... Read More
COLUMBIA, SC — A Lexington County judge has slashed last summer’s $1.6 million jury verdict against Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott in a civil case... Read More
A California jury awarded $3 million in punitive damages Monday to a man whose son was stabbed to death in 2011 by a fellow psychiatric patient at a... Read More
Jim Ferguson was a longtime employee of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Over the years, he suffered a number of injuries and health... Read More
In this interview with Larry Bodine, Editor in Chief of Personalinjury.com, attorney Mitch Jackson describes nine important questions you need to... Read More
Image credit: The Trial Lawyer Magazine, Winter 2015. By Lisa Donner, Americans for Financial Reform. One of the best things to come out of the Wall... Read More
An upstate New York woman who sued the U.S. government and a Drug Enforcement Administration agent for impersonating her on Facebook FB +0.27% ... Read More
When Mississippi made sweeping changes over two years to its laws governing lawsuits, its backers promised prosperity and easier access to health... Read More
By Martha Rosenberg. No one should have to choose between their hairline and their health. But increasingly, men who use finasteride, commonly known... Read More

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